Not just for pickles!

They’ve been telling you to do it for years, right? They say things like: “These pickles are AMAZING. You should SELL these pickles.” Or, “People would pay GOOD MONEY for this habanero pesto.” Or, “This toffee is like crack.” Now, we don’t know what crack is like, but we DO know a good pickle/habanero pesto/toffee when we see one. That’s why every week at the market, we sponsor The Pickle Booth--trademark pending (just kidding).

What is a Pickle Booth? Only found at the East Isles Farmers Market, the East Isles Pickle Booth was inspired by the Cottage Food Law, formerly know as the Pickle Bill. It affords those of us who bake, pickle, can, or otherwise create certain types of edibles an opportunity to share those delectables with neighbors and strangers alike, by simply registering and not procuring a permit. Of course we could always do the sharing part without a permit. But now, we can share by way of selling without a permit. How fun is that?

You can sign up for the East Isles Pickle Booth for just $10 a market, bring your stuff (food-related only), follow the non-hazardous food rules, and see what happens. You might discover a new business and become a full-fledged vendor at our market next year. You might make some new friends and meet more of your neighbors. You might feel quite proud of your creation(s). But mostly, just like the rest of us at home or at the market, sharing your food will bring you that much closer to those who visit your table.

What is the Pickle Booth?

The Pickle Booth is part of the East Isles Residents Association and East Isles Farmers Market. As such, it will have signs designating it as part of the market.

The Pickle Booth is operated at the discretion of the EIFM. No resident is guaranteed a place in the Pickle Booth. 

The EIFM Director, in an effort to enable participation from many people and curate a variety of offerings, will have final say in the selection of participants. Participants do not have a say in who they participate with and may encounter neighbors who sell similar items on market day.

Pickle Booth participants will operate under the EIFM mission and efforts to reduce waste and footprint. As with other vendors, any sampling should be done using compostable products.

Participants who do not abide by market rules and/or do not cooperate with market representatives will not be allowed to participate at future events.

The EIFM will provide a tent, table, and chairs. Set up and take down will be done by the EIFM. Participants are responsible for set up and take down of their products and resulting trash (see above regarding EIFM mission).

The Pickle Booth, table, chairs and signage are the property of the East Isles Farmers Market. No other signage is allowed by participants except as indicated by the Cottage Food Law, including signage notifying buyers that items have not been inspected by the health department and signage containing name, ingredients and cost of participants products.

The Pickle Booth is a shared experience. No participant is guaranteed more than the equally shared space of other participants. If a participant is alone on a market day, they may occupy the entire space on the table.

For more information, please email